First Eco-fashion Label Under Creative Commons License Promises Creativity and Sustainability

eco-fashion under creative commons license from Pamoyo

Dutch designer Frans Prins and Swedish designer Cecilia Palmer have joined forces to create Pamoyo, an ethical fashion label with a creative edge. Pamoyo is an open source label. Pamoyo invites designers to join their mission and enrich the offerings with their creations. Pamoyo, in return, will take responsibility to ensure consumers of the "high quality and sustainable production of every product made under the label".

Pamoyo will post patterns under the Creative Commons license. According to their blog, the Creative Commons office has confirmed that Pamoyo is the first fashion label under Creative Commons license.Based in Berlin's hip Kreuzberg district, Pamoyo promises to "change the world with style". The motto stems from Grass Routes, a foundation dedicated to promoting creativity and sustainability, which counts Pamoyo as one of its projects -- effectively a laboratory for testing the principles espoused by Grass Routes.

Each Pamoyo article is hand-sewn in Berlin out of vintage fabrics and organic cotton. Two euros from each purchase are donated to ecological and social projects. That's two euros from reasonably affordable prices ranging from 25 to 49 euros for shirts and dresses in 8 styles in the "style with heart" spring collection. The Scoodie Spring Hat will keep crisp evening air at bay for only 19 euros. Pamoyo is one to keep your eye on when it comes to greening your wardrobe.

Via ::modabot (German only)

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