First Carbon Neutral Suit Available, But Better Act Fast

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Green designers are getting pretty good at making sustainable, fashionable, and durable clothing. Did we mention that eco clothes can be fashionable? Well, a British designer has taken this one step further by making a sustainable suit (90% wool) and offsetting three times the emissions from the entire footprint of the suit. What does that mean? Well, Charcoal & Chalk now makes the first carbon-neutral suit, dubbed their Beyond Carbon Neutral Suit.Their website says they are "tailers, not retailers," and that they are more interested in making a good suit than just selling a product - "fine tailoring endures." Austen Pickles, designer of the line, says "I am passionate about beautiful tailoring, as well as making a positive difference to the environment. It may not stop the polar ice caps from melting, but I am passionate about my business going the extra mile to do what we can."

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Shining Earth was hired to help account for emissions during the manufacture of the suit all the way until it is displayed on the shop floor, and then develop an offset plan. 200% of the emissions are offset by tree planting and habitat preservation. 100% of the emissions are offset by renewable energy projects by The CarbonNeutral Company. "It would have been relatively easy to just offset each suit once (100%), but we wanted to demonstrate our commitment to really making a positive difference to the environment by offsetting each suit three times over (300%)," says Pickles.

There are only 40 Beyond Carbon Neutral Suits made in 13 different styles, so they are rather limited. Four designs will be released in November, four more in December and the rest will be released after the holiday season. Each suit retails for £495 and can be purchased in Charcoal & Chalk shops in Spitalfields and Covent Garden. Charcoal & Chalk will also ship internationally and offset the emissions from shipping too. Over the next year, Pickles plans to make all of their suits carbon neutral.

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