Berlin Holds World's First ShirtMob to Trade T-Shirts and Memories

Today the world's first flash mob t-shirt swap -- a ShirtMob -- convenes on Berlin's Alexanderplatz. The famous plaza at the center of what used to be East Berlin, will only add to the histories that will be exchanged, as members of the crowd trade T-shirts that figured in great stories from the original owner's life.

The exchange of T-shirts with stories, started by Re-Shirt as an online charity, becomes more personal in the ShirtMob. People can meet face to face to share the memories and experiences represented by one of their favorite shirts that no longer serves usefully in their wardrobe rotation. Partners will leave the exchange knowing that their old standby will be treasured by its new owner on its way to new adventures, and in possession of a new T-shirt treasure.

And if all works as planned:

Clueless by-passers will be surprised when all those people will start swapping their shirts at the same time. In the centre of consumption, ReShirt’s goal is to present an alternative to the disposable mentality that characterizes the fashion industry and expand the lifecycle of individual garments.

If you are in the Berlin area, and want to be part of this ground-breaking event, find more details and register for ShirtMob on facebook. ShirtMob is brought to you by Beyond Berlin and Re-Shirt.

If you can't make it for the event, take a look at Re-Shirt online, where you can make a dent in the millions of t-shirts bought daily by buying a vintage T with an archival tracking so the story that makes a vintage item of clothing so unique never gets lost. Your purchase from Re-Shirt saves water (up to 10,000 liters, or 2600 gallons, of water per shirt according to Eric von Poettschacher of Re-Shirt) and part of the purchase price helps to bring water to those in need of this precious resource.

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