Fashion Icon Gale Parker Launches Eco-Fashion Line Clothespin

Gale Parker Clothespin Blouse and Jeans Photo
The name Gale Parker might not ring a bell, but we are willing to bet that you've probably heard of Yves Saint Laurent, Valentino and perhaps Andy Warhol. Well, she's right up there with them when it comes to fashion, and now she's taking her icon status and fashion-forward style into the eco-fashion world. But will mere mortals be able to afford it?

Eco-fashion these days may be fashion forward, but it is far from perfect. There is always something missing - too expensive, sizes don't quite fit right, clothes wear out too quickly, not enough variety in the cuts or styles, and on and on and on. Now, if someone, say, spent the last 25 years in the fashion world, with some of the biggest names, and was even a fashion muse for YSL and Valentino, would they maybe be able to get it right? Would they be able to blend beautiful colors with trendy styles to give your bland wardrobe a little pop, without busting your wallet? Married to green architect Sim Van der Ryn, and the youngest Fashion Editor at Vogue, Parker has not only been in the fashion world, but also the green world for a long time. She describes the items as never worn, but not new either - each item uses pieces that have been recycled or rather reincarnated from other linens from around the world. These items are blended with organic yarns and refurbished vintage pieces. Clothespin is described as antique and vintage yet eco-friendly. In keeping with the antique style, skirts, blouses and dresses are the main thing you will find at Clothespin.

When you come into the store, you get one on one time with Gale, who acts as your personal shopper to find the perfect piece for you. Each item is individually designed, no mass produced clothing here, so you know you're getting an original (and the only one of its kind) with every purchase. Truly, this is an artist taking time to develop and perfect her craft. There are six different dress designs at this time, and part of the shopping experience includes choosing your own fabric and then your dress is made to order.

The new storefront opens in November 2009 in West Hollywood, California, where you can see the fashion, and Gale, for yourself. :Clothespin
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