Fantastical fashion forecasts from 1930 that came true

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The forward-thinking fashion-designing soothsayers of 1930 actually got a lot of crazy things spot on, many of them with a sustainable twist.

In 1930 the news service folks at Pathetone Weekly put together a 90-second segment – "Eve, A.D 2000!" – asking some of the “most famous fashion designers in the U.S. today” to predict what “Eve” would look like in the year 2000 AD. How futuristic these whacky prognosticators must have seemed to fashionable ladies of the day accustomed to tailored silhouettes and shoulder pads. But the curious thing is that most of the predictions have come to fruition, and many of them with components deserving of the TreeHugger stamp of approval.

The clip is a total classic, complete with 1930s quips and time-capsule nuggets of gender stereotyping – ah, the good old days. But from it comes some of these crazy ideas which are not so farfetched anymore.

“A dress that can be adapted for morning, afternoon or evening”

Transformer clothing? One of our favorites! Why waste the time, money, materials and resources for three dresses when you can have one that serves more than a single purpose? We've covered this concept a lot, like this dress that can be worn 10 different ways.

“One dress of the future will consist of transparent knit”

Uhm, see Hollywood.

“Skirts will disappear entirely”

Amen, sister! While skirts haven’t disappeared altogether, they sure don’t carry the weight they used to.

“Shoes will have cantilevered heels”

1930 version:
HeellessYouTube/Video screen capture

2000s version, thanks to a Google image search for heel-less platforms:

Heel-less platformsGoogle Images/Screen capture

"An electric belt will adapt the body to climatic changes”

I suppose said belt is expected to warm or cool the body; while I'm not sure this actually exists in a reasonable form yet, we do have all kinds of portable technology that can be worn – and we will only be seeing more and more wearables as time goes on. For starters: 10 environmental sensors that go along with you.

“The lightly clad woman of tomorrow will move in an atmosphere that is scientifically kept at the right temperature”

This isn't so much a fashion prediction as it is a climate control forecast; and suffice to say, we have figured out how to keep our domestic "atmosphere" tamed into submission. But we can also see this from a Passive House perspective, in which good design works to keep homes within a comfortable range. Read more about that here: The three most important things about passive houses are comfort, comfort and comfort.

“Wedding dress of glass”

May not be as predicted, but a Swarovski-encrusted fairy dress for the bride's big day would qualify.

"A dress of aluminium"

can dressabrushofbeauty/YouTube/Video screen capture
Somehow, fashioning dresses from old aluminum cans has become a thing. Aside from looking slightly treacherous, can parts make for awesome matte sequins suitable for any post-punk green diva.

"He’ll be fitted with a telephone, a radio, and a container for keys, coins, and candies for cuties"

FashionYouTube/Video screen capture
Yes, you read that right. He will be chockablock with "candies for cuties." Ok, then! But aside from that bit of creepery, a portable telephone and man-purse? Check!

You can see all the futuristic splendor below. (And I have two words for you: "Oh, swish!")

Fantastical fashion forecasts from 1930 that came true
The forward-thinking fashion-designing soothsayers of 1930 actually got a lot of crazy things spot on, many of them with a sustainable twist.

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