Fair Trade: Not just for Hipsters


Jeremy M. Lange for The New York Times

You wouldn't know it was Earth Day reading the New York Times, but at least they have discovered another good thing, fair trade. The Times says: "Fair trade, like more familiar labels such as organic, cruelty-free and sustainable, is another in a series of ethical claims to appear on products — a kind of hipster seal of approval." The article is a bit flippant, suggesting fair trade is another gimmick like Barneys describing a product as "insanely sustainable" and quoting a customer saying it "makes you feel like you're doing something good just by drinking a cup" Fair trade is a lot more than a hipster trend, it is a method of certifying that the stuff we buy was made by people who were reasonably paid to use organic and sustainable farming practices. ::New York Times

In Toronto, we just discovered a little hole in the wall called the Fair Trade Clothing Co-op selling T shirts and polos made from organic cotton from Agrocel. When you read their standards you realize what a difference this can make. ::Fair Trade Clothing Co-op

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