Fair Hemp — Coming Clean with Organic Cotton


It's something that I have long thought indicated either naivety or hypocrisy. Companies selling 'hemp' clothing in the ubiquitous blend of 55% hemp and 45% traditional cotton. Their promotional material often touts the environment benefits of hemp over cotton, yet nearly half of their garments are made from the very same cloth they demonise. So it's pleasing to see Fair Hemp stepping up to the plate and offering clothing with a blend of 55% organically grown hemp and 45% certified organic cotton. Moving on from wristbands, the company are making a line of men's and women's fitted Ts dyed with eco-friendly reactive dyes, and softened with a natural enzyme. Another cool move is to remove those itchy labels from the neck seam. According to Fair Hemp "switching to 5 men's hemp/organic cotton t-shirts saves approximately 1 pound of agricultural chemicals and over 600 gallons of fresh water compared to what goes into a 100% cotton t-shirt." ::Fair Hemp, via PRWeb.