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The end of that tag line is: Fashion (and were afraid to ask). "The A to Z of Eco-Fashion," an article from Ecologist Online is a simple and straight forward guide that every shopper should read and commit to memory before hitting the street, and this month's sales. It starts at A, for "A year in fashion" with the observation that eco-fashion has changed from a trend into a movement because consumers are more concerned than ever. Consumer research shows an unprecedented rise in interest in the provenance of clothing: who makes it, how is it treated and what is the manufacturing process. In fact, over half (23.1 million) of Britain’s shoppers think that ethical production of the clothes they buy is important, according to one study (that's under C for "conscious consumerism").

It gets technical, with the details of junior buyers, lead times and multi-stakeholder ethical trading initiatives and triple bottom lines. By the time you have gotten through hemp, natural dyes, organic cotton, polyester and vegetable tanned leather, you will feel that you can apply for a job in the industry. W is for "Wash Less, Wash Green": buying fewer but better-made clothes and wash at 30°C instead of 40°C, air dry instead of tumble, iron only if necessary and use eco-friendly detergents. It ends with Z for "Zegna", the super expensive Italian brand that has committed its company to become environmentally friendly (pictured: their solar powered jacket). T is for twenty minutes well-spent. ::The Ecologist

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