European Eco-Label T-Shirts at Buenos Aires' Falabella


It’s really hard to find green labels in clothing here in Buenos Aires, so we were pleased to see the European Eco-Label while shopping at department store Falabella (in Florida Street, downtown). The t-shirts porting it were from the brand Basement -developed by the store-, which (according to the tag) are made from 50% Lenzing-Modal and 50% cotton. Even though we’ve featured some posts about modal in the past, it’s worth mentioning that modal is a registered trademark of Austrian company Lenzing, which produces this fiber exclusively of beech wood originated from sustainable managed forests in Austria and neighboring countries through a production that warrantees high utilization of the raw material, and is fully biodegradable. Unfortunately, Falabella doesn’t have an online catalogue for the t-shirts, but if you find yourself shopping around Buenos Aires in a holiday sometime, keep in mind the store's address: Florida 343/202. The Basement tees with the Eco-Label cost around 35 pesos (about 12 US dollars). ::Falabella Argentina ::Lenzing Modal