European Eco-label for Footwear

Discerning customers in Europe are said to be thinking about issues like "quality of life, health and the preservation of the environment" when parting with hard earned cash for their footwear. Even if this is just a bit of wishful thinking, the Technological Institute for Footwear and Related Industries (INESCOP), have recently developed the European Eco-label for Footwear. To qualify under this label, it means the company has satisfied environmental criteria including: reductions in water pollution during production, less volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions during production, and avoidance of substances "harmful for the environment and health" including limits on residues of metals like chrome, arsenic, cadmium and lead, etc, Plus there are also limits on that old nemesis chemical, formaldehyde, in the completed shoe or boot. Oh and they are expected to have used recycled packaging. EcoFoot, as it is known in short, currently has only eight companies signed up, but is a newish label so as awareness grows more are expected to join. ::EcoFoot [by WM]