Eurolaces Make Organic Cotton Lace Trim


Eurolaces, out of California, believe they are the first company to offer 100% certified machine-made macramé style organic cotton lace trim for apparel, curtains, etc. Strong organic cotton thread is sewn to a cellulose backing, which is later melted away by the application of hot water. Normally backings are removed by boiling, but this method requires the threads to be protected from the extremes of heat with additional chemicals. The Eurolaces process, adopted by their family run factory in Slovenia, avoids such additives ensuring the cotton remains organic from seed to finished product. Especially as they have set aside a special production room for the organic line, so it does not bump into the chemical residues found in their lines of polyester lace. Although provided in its natural ecru colour, the lace is suitable for dyeing, or hydrogen peroxide bleaching. ::Eurolaces.

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