END Footwear Now Likes it Hard and Wet

END WOW shoe photo

END Footwear launched late last year with their Environmentally Neutral Design[ed] shoes for trail running and light hiking. Now they’ve just released new models targeted to road running and water-based sports.

While bamboo, recycled polyester and reclaimed foam and rubber feature in the materials for this line of outdoor footwear, it is their minimalist construction which is their real green story. The shoes are engineered to provide loads of comfort, without all the padding and fluff found in most footwear. This results in shoes that are lighter, whilst employing less energy and materials to manufacture. A TreeHugger field review is coming soon, but in the meantime see after the fold for more pix and info.Men have the choice of two new very lightweight road models and one water version (pictured above). Women score three pavement pounders (one is shown below) and one hydro hoofer. Plus there are hi-tech thongs, as well.

END PBnJ shoe photo

The new shoes go by odd names like LOL (Laugh Out Loud), WOW (Walk On Water), PBnJ (Peanut Butter and Jelly) and PDQ (Pretty Darn Quick). The water-oriented models are designed to be worn without socks, are self draining, and feature 50% less adhesives and parts than their already featherweight trail shoes. A Men’s size 9 in the WOW tips the scales at just 9.5 oz.

Check the END website for more details, or visit one of their now 100 retail stockists, and numerous online vendors for more of a shufti. ::END Footwear

END shoe detail photo

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