END Footwear Hits the Trail Running. But Not That You'd Know.

End Outdoor (eco-inspired trail running shoes) went off and became END Footwear. Since our extended interview with Ben Finklea of END or Environmentally Neutral Design, the company has undergone a name change as well as launching an online social networking presence, including Twitter, FaceBook, MySpace and You Tube. But it’s early days, so there is not much to see as yet.

We know that start-up companies are flat out busy, herding cats, and getting their planets all correctly aligned, but it does strike us as odd that their own home page neglects to inform visitors that their lightweight, material-reduced shoes have been available for sale at the likes of REI Co-op, where they’ve had some positive reviews. And you’d have to deep dig to learn that the full range can be eyeballed on their Flickr site. With myriad ways to reach an audience these days it must be tough for a young company to find the wherewithall to be in all spaces at the same time, and still keep them relevant and up to date. (Even here at TreeHugger, with our ever growing network of writers, very reportable news goes unposted on a daily basis.) But, if you want customers to experience your version of sustainable design, you do have to make it easy for them to find your product. So they can make up their own mind on just how environmentally neutral END footwear is, after Sustainable Life expressed some doubts. So far those customers who've found the product seem to be impressed.

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