Frock L.A.'s Elegant Eco-Fashion Suits All Shapes and Sizes (Photos)

From dress size 4 Petite to size 12, real women of various sizes donned Frock Los Angeles' curve-hugging sustainable dresses and jumpers. Designer Victoria Tik wanted to prove that her sustainable womenswear is wearable and suitable for more than just pin-thin models. Take a look:

Back in August, I applauded Frock L.A.'s collection for its "classic silhouette, the timeless design, and the reasonable price point, $40-220," but I questioned just how wearable the West Coast labels' sustainable jersey knit dresses were. I could hardly imagine the revealing cuts and curve-hugging silhouettes on a fuller figure. Well, designer Victoria Tik heard my cry. She asked four women to participate in a makeover-style photo shoot and, judging from the photos, the designs look fabulous--and even slimming--on women of various shapes and sizes.

Sourced in the United States and made in California factories that pay fair wages with sustainable fabrics, the collection, comprised of dresses and jumpsuits, is made with a bamboo blend jersey with 5% spandex and a soybean and certified organic cotton blend jersey with spandex.

It's helpful as a consumer to see how "real bodies" look in the clothes, but I can't help but ask why the real women sizes have to be shown separately than the skinny models. It's like when a mainstream fashion magazine shoots an "eco-fashion" spread rather than just starting to incorporate sustainable fashion into all of their photo shoots. It would have been great to see all shapes and sizes donning the dresses from the beginning.

Overall, the dresses get my seal of approval. They are comfortable, versatile, and don't require special laundering--ahem, dry cleaning. Plus, dresses are a sexier alternative to the black leggings everyone wears around town. They are made out of the same fabric but look glamorous and put together rather than the pajamas-on-the-go look. The Frock L.A. collection is available online at Moxsie, Fashion Stake, iBoutiques, and Kreeya.

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Frock L.A.'s Elegant Eco-Fashion Suits All Shapes and Sizes (Photos)
Frock L.A. proves that their hip-hugging eco-jersey dresses fit women of all shapes and sizes.

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