EcoZoic: Cycling Clothing Made From Bamboo Charcoal

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San Diego based cycling clothing company Zoic just released their spring line, which now includes EcoZoic - an organic and bamboo charcoal blend of clothing that is both functional as well as eco-friendly. But while Zoic wants to get you properly outfitted, they also want to help you hid the road and the trails with the latest biking information for your locale.Named their Enlightened Line, this spring hosts the unveiling of the first eco-friendly line of clothing for the company.EcoZoic clothing is branch of Zoic that features a mens and womens cycling clothing that uses muted shades of yellow, blues and browns on simple designs like cargo-style bike shorts and jersey tanks. The styles are pretty basic with just a few tops and shorts for both men and women (their conventional clothing line has a far expanded repertoire with hoodies, socks and padded shorts). Note: many of the jerseys and tees still use over 60% polyester in their blends.

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The mens shorts use an organic cotton/hemp blend, but many of the jerseys use a bamboo charcoal and polyester blend (two materials, not three). As this was new to me, I wondered just what is bamboo charcoal? In a post by Warren, he explains the benefits of bamboo charcoal - and lets just say the list goes on and on from filtering toxins, cleaning your fish tank and dissipating electromagnetic waves, not to mention its usefulness in clothes as an anti-fungal and thermal regulator. Added bonus: many of the bamboo charcoal jerseys come with a pocket/holder for your mp3 player.

The Commuter Corner is the Zoic blog designed to get you out of the car and biking here there and everywhere. Currently in its intro-stages, the blog only has a few posts on getting involved in bike to work week and where you can find more biking gear (on their website, of course). Though they do plan to update the site regularly with local, regional and national commuting tips, events and advice.

Zoic also includes more than just eco-friendly clothing, by offering mens, womens and childrens conventional cycling clothing (not organic or sustaianable materials). Eco-tees retail for around $35USD, jerseys for $45USD and shorts for $60USD. You can find them online at or at biking and outdoor gear companies like REI, Nashbar and Zappos.

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