EcoThreadz: A New Product Line from EcoDesignz


One thing we love about clothing made from bamboo fiber is how soft it is. Of course, there are many other reasons as well as we’ve talked about countless times, but we do like to explore the future of fashion with bamboo. New from EcoDesignz, a bamboo furniture company that we’ve featured before, is a new product line called EcoThreadz. They are now offering super soft bamboo shirts for men and ladies in an assortment of colors. They also have durable, dry-wicking athletic socks for men and women, and 100% bamboo knitting yarn in 7 vibrant colors. Bamboo fiber offers an alternative to conventionally grown, cotton, hemp, and synthetic fibers. It’s organic without the need for herbicides, pesticides or even fertilizers and it has a naturally occurring antimicrobial, bacteriostatic agent that inhibits odors. This fabric is silky, breathable and hypoallergenic. And, it’s so durable that you can throw EcoThreadz in the washer and dryer with your other laundry. Good against your skin and good for the environment too! ::EcoThreadz