EcoTextile News: Cutting a New Cloth


Ecotextile News is a new magazine which looks at the global production of sustainable and ethical textiles and apparel. Ten monthly issues will set you back £195 (~$385 USD), but there are a few samples articles online that you can review too. One covers UK retailer Marks & Spencer's £200 million plan to cut their carbon emissions, a little of which we've noted here and here. M&S; CEO, Stuart Rose, says that "We will become carbon neutral, only using offsetting as a last resort; we will ensure that none of our clothing or packaging needs to be thrown away; much of our polyester clothing will be made from recycled plastic bottles." Ecotextile News reckons that Britain's high street giant in highlighting the use of recycled yarns to a mass consumer market will also convince the supply chain to their quality as a result and thus bring more suppliers into the game. The piece also explains the difference between the older 'chipped, ground and melted' version of recycled polyester, with the newer (and somewhat more energy intensive) process of chemical depolymerisation, such as is being employed by Teijin for Patagonia's Common Threads program. Other topics covered by Ecotextile News include organic merino wool from New Zealand, fair trade cotton from Africa, the impact supply chain policies can have on material and service suppliers, a new biodegradable, polyester-based polymer, made by bacteria, and new advances in eco dyes and finishes. ::EcoTextile News