Ecolution apparel

This knit cardigan is just one of the fine hemp (and flax) products from Ecolution. A pioneer in mixing the ages old traditional craft of hemp and flax agricultural and construction with modern clothing and accessories. Their in-house fabrics from Romania use advance hackling (fibre separation) methods and air-finishing to create a soft 'hand' hemp, without resorting to chemicals. Additionally their natural dyes use only eco-friendly mordants, blue stone, alum, salt, and vinegar, to fix the four main natural pigmented colours they use for knits: oak, bilberry, pansy and oregano. On some products Ecolution also use man-made, fibre-reactive dyes, giving very colourfast shades with very little residual dye coming out into production wastewater when they are dyed, or later in the laundry water. The Knit Cardigan is a super soft 100% hemp. Find out more at Ecolution or visit Rawganique, who carry much of their range, including this top for $69. [by WM]