Ecolog Outdoor Clothing by vauDe

A decade ago, a respected German outdoor gear company decided to put its money where its mouth was. Instead of platitudes about doing 'good' for the environment they got off their butt and made something happen. It goes by the moniker of Ecolog. Working hard with many component and fabric suppliers, vauDe put together a palette of materials, which allowed their designers to fashion garments, which were 100% polyester. That's the fabric, zippers, snap fasteners, labels, thread, cords, cord grips, etc — the whole shebang. This totally homogenous product, such as the Womens' Lhasa II shown here, could then be recycled (just like a PET bottle) to make more ...... polyester resin for new products. No sorting for metals or other recycling contaminates. A veritable :: cradle-to-cradle product, as espoused by eco-architect, William McDonough. vauDe's retailers provide the return of Ecolog products. This cycle is controlled by the Textile Institute in Wuppertal. The German Society for Recycling is responsible for the decentralized return and storage of Ecolog textiles. The companies in charge of processing the materials are equipped with the latest in modern recycling technology. Not content to rest on these laurels, vauDe were also the first sporting goods manufacturer, to produce gear in line with the Swiss based Bluesign standard. This is a independent scientific advisory board that vets production materials as being free from toxins. Additionally vauDe, who make a full line of tents, packs and tents as well, have a partnership with the German Alpine Association (DAV) to "find solutions that attempt to reconcile alpine sports and the natural environment." ::vauDe [by WM]


They make sports underwear to ecolog and bluedesign standards too.