Ecoballs: How to Save yourself 80% in Laundry Detergent Bills


Goodness, Gracious Great Balls of ionized oxygen! Here is a great one to add to the TreeHugger’s eco-laundry picks. Ecoballs provide a winning combination of helping you to save money and be more eco-friendly at the same time. We’ve mentioned them before in connection with the Perfect T-shirt, but somehow we neglected to elaborate on their amazing ability to clean your clothes without the need for any washing powder. When you pop these three strange UFO stylee balls into your washing machine with your dirty threads they ‘produce ionized oxygen that activates the water molecules naturally and allows them to penetrate deep into clothing fibres to lift dirt away.’ Please don’t ask me to explain exactly how this works because I can’t, but I can tell you that according to the Ecoballs marketing spiel one set of Ecoballs lasts 1000 washes, which is considerably more than your average pack of Ecover powder. They say Ecoballs can save you up to 85% in detergent bills. Furthermore they operate on a low wash temperature and on a quickwash cycle, thus saving you more money in electricity and water bills. If all this wasn’t enough Ecoballs are also hypoallergenic, antibacterial, chemical free, and gentle on colours and delicate fabrics. We aren’t told what the balls themselves are made out of, but if you are not convinced by the Ecoballs performance then they offer a 30 day money back guarantee – seems worth giving them a spin doesn’t it? Thanks to tippster Kate. ::Ecoballs