Ecoalf Turns Used PET Bottles and Fishing Nets into Luxury Products

Ecoalf recycled shoes and clothing

Ecoalf shoes made from 100% recycled PET, and jackets made from 100% recycled fishing nets

We have come across this fabric before, when we featured the Ecoalf cabin trolley by fun&bascis;, made from 84 recycled PET bottles a year ago. Between 2007 when entrepreneur Javier Goyeneche founded Ecoalf, and august 2010, the Spanish company had been recycling 2.150.000 PET bottles and 8.900 kilos of fishing nets by turning them into 100% recycled and recyclable products, from luxury bags to shoes and clothing.

When Goyeneche started visiting recycling plants a few years ago, he didn't like that most textiles only contained around 20% of recycled materials, the rest virgin. Finally in Taiwan he found a factory that used 100% recycled materials but the fabric's quality was poor. Goyeneche kept at it. After two years of hard work, Ecoalf 1.0 was born; a high-quality textile made from PET bottles that could compete with nylon used in the fashion world. Ecoalf 2.0 appeared soon after, made from used fishing nets. In order to avoid using PVC, the company switched to a more sustainable solution called TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer), which is resistant and flexible like PVC, but naturally decomposting if buried.

ecoalf recycled luggage photo

Ecoalf recycled luggage

On the Ecoalf web site, which is fairly transparent about the work they do, you can see videos of both the Ecoalf 1.0 and 2.0 fabrics' recycling and manufacturing processes. You can find Ecoalf sneakers, luggage, coats, bags and even glasses already on the market, while the company is working on a fully recyclable electrical bicycle, a line of recycled leather products as well as the manufacturing of shoe soles from used tyres. And if you have an idea regarding Ecoalf, contact them; they seem to be very open to new project proposals. ::Ecoalf

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