Eco-friendly retailer will sell only damaged garments on Black Friday

Black Friday promo for BeGood
© BeGood

BeGood wants to reduce waste, instead of promote overconsumption, and has come up with an awesome plan to do so.

On Black Friday this year, an eco-friendly clothing company called BeGood plans to do something radically different. Instead of enticing customers with new products and discounts, BeGood will change its website for a day in order to sell only its “factory follies” – garments that have come from the factory or been returned by shoppers for small defects.

These defects are usually something as minor as loose threads or a tag sewn upside-down – in other words, perfectly wearable and still high quality, except that these would normally be thrown out by a mainstream retailer because they’re not perfect enough.

BeGood defective T-shirt© BeGood

BeGood is already impressively dedicated to reducing its environmental impact while producing high quality, timelessly styled garments. Its organic cotton is milled at Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)-certified factories in India and the garments are made in Los Angeles and sold in recycled packaging. (Owner and CEO Mark Spera spoke with TreeHugger’s Margaret Badore in greater detail earlier this year. You can read about that conversation here.)

BeGood prides itself on being the first direct-to-consumer eco-friendly clothing company, which means that, by eliminating the middlemen, it is able to sell items such as its basic organic cotton T-shirt for $15, rather than the usual marked-up $40 you’d pay elsewhere.

And, on Black Friday, those prices will be even lower (around $7-$8), as long as you’re willing to live with a crooked tag or a slightly kinked seam. Even though I’m a dedicated shunner of all things relating to Black Friday, I’ve got to admit that BeGood’s plan is very compelling. It’s a brilliant way for the retailer to reduce unnecessary waste and to uphold its commitment to sustainability, while making shoppers happy about getting a deal on an awesome, well-made product.

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