Eco-Fashion on the Runway

We like to see that eco-conscious clothing is becoming trendy with designers such as Linda Loudermilk and Edun (shown here) — gone are the days that people think of hippies and potato sacks. We read recently on that during New York's Fashion Week last February a show called FutureFashion, which featured outfits made from eco-friendly fabrics and materials, drew not only environmentalists but entertainment celebrities as well. We have to point out that we were very surprised when we read that Barney's New York was very much involved with FutureFashion as well. Not only did Barney's help convince other top designers to participate, but the store featured eco-outfits in its windows for several weeks after the event. Julie Gilhart, vice president and fashion director for Barney's, said "I was quite surprised that the designs were so sophisticated for using sustainable fabrics, because usually we associate that with not-so-stylish clothing. This FutureFashion show proves that there's definitely a future for environmentally friendly fashion." So why are we so surprised? Well here's a question for you Ms. Gilhart, why is it that you're selling astrakhan? Via