Eco-Design Graduates 2005 - Greenknickers


Hey did you see that article Recycling T-Shirts into Underwear posted last week about recycling old unwanted t-shirts into new fancy knickers?
Well taking that theme and running with it is Sarah Lucy Smith, a recent Eco-Design graduate based in London. She is currently giving second life, not to 80s thrash metal t-shirts, but ugly dresses that never make it off the charity shop rail. However, taking appallingly floral patterned dresses and rescaling them into rather beautiful underwear is only part of Sarah's Greenknickers project. She is also working with the idea that women like to express themselves through their underwear and she has created a collection for environmental activists. Made from sustainable fabrics such as hemp, organic cotton and recycled silk these "Under Statements" proudly declare their green politics — 'Eat Organic', 'Stop Deforestation' and my personal favourite 'Cycle More' with a specially padded rear just to help you along! A third collection is based on the concept of seasonal change and being aware of our natural environment. The "Sensual Nature" knickers are painted with special pigments so that as they are washed in cold water some colours gradually fade, thus changing the image. For example the leaves on one pair change from green to autumnal red and then fade altogether. Another pair has globes painted in thermal pigments so that as the knickers warm up so the land masses disappear and the world is covered in water. Underwear depicting global warming? Do we really want our green political consciences slapped on our behinds? Whatever happened to wearing your heart on your sleeve? I hear you say? Well in this case it might be more at matter of 'its what's on the inside that counts'! ::Greenknickers [Leonora & Petz]