Eckotech from US Sweater


The number of companies offering bamboo clothing is growing almost as fast as the grass itself. In this instance, US Sweater has a line of women's apparel using bamboo in blends with silk. Of which they are very proud, saying they, "are soft, like cashmere, but durable and machine washable. They are naturally anti-odor and anti-bacterial, and breathe three times better than cotton. Warm when its cold, cool when its hot." Much the same thing that the hemp proponents gushed during sativa's comeback. Guys tops are apparently on the way as well. But for the moment the more curvy of the species can choose from garments, such as those shown above. Prices range from around $80 to $130 USD. Though we should point out that one of the other uses of the fabric is as horseblankets, to help horses manage sweat better! How does that line go, "horses sweat, men perspire and women glow"? ::Eckotech by US Sweater, via PR web.