eblood: Cruelty and Drug Free Clothing

EBLOOD clothing is "technical, stylish and ethical." it uses innovative fabrics, a rough street image, fitting the tast of those who truly live the street spirit." founded by skateboarders and musicians, the company uses no components of wool, leather, suede or silk as we don't feel it's necessary to exploit beautiful creatures just to make us look good". ..."we hope more and more kids will feel attracted by a clean, positive, cruelty and drug-free way of living showing more respect towards our planet, the animals and human beings in their everyday life" Clicking on any of the links on their site will get your phone tapped as a treehugger wacko, but if kids are going wear sk8tr gear it might as well carry a positive message.

commenter Mike asks "why is it that you insist on posting these nutjob views with no basis in reality?"

We looked more closely at the site and agree that some of the poliitical statements are a bit, um, unformed and extreme but they are skateboarders and musicians speaking to their contemporaries in the street. if skater kids buy into the vegan drug-free message then it is harder to criticize the medium. ::eblood clothing