Earth Creations Clay Dyed Apparel

I thought we’d mentioned this sort of thing before, but a search through the dusty TH archives suggests not. Essentially thick red clay is put into a watery solution and kneaded through the knit or weave. The iron oxides in the clay act like a dye, staining the fabric, later to be 'set' in a drying process. Different coloured clays can be used to obtain various shades. The Tank Top shown here comes in but a mere 13 colours. Seemingly the synthetic dye-free colour won’t run (though the first few washes should probably be as ‘separates’) but eventually fades gracefully, like the blue in denim jeans. There are many permutations on the idea (like the family business in Australia, who make theirs in a cement mixer!) but we do like the ones from Earth Creations, because they use organic cotton, hemp and linen fabrics. (This Tank is a 55% hemp/45% organic cotton blend selling for $21.) Plus they have an extensive line of women’s and men’s apparel all sewn locally, in the USA. ::Earth Creations