Drapeta: Sexy Cool Shirts from NYC

Drapeta takes the idea (familiar to us at TreeHugger) that substance and style should go hand-in-hand, infuses it with NYC flavor, and prints it on organic cotton with all-natural screen printing ink. The result: high-style t-shirts, made from environmentally- and socially-conscious materials, whose designs walk their socio-politically charged walk and do a bit of subversive, irreverent finger-shaking. It's all about sophisticated self-expression; "cutting edge New York City style and a worldwide environmental awakening," according to owner/chief designer Zach Baker. The designs themselves reflect these tenets, drawing on influences as diverse as the city itself."I look at Drapeta as a reflection of the yin yang principle: melding of a graffiti, hip-hop, urban, popular-culture design influence with all-natural materials; the interplay between two seemingly opposite forces giving forth fresh, new creations," says Baker. Drapeta (pronounced dra-pay-ta) translates from Latin to "runaway slave"; accordining to Baker, "Drapeta stands for that spirit of courage." In the spirit of his company, the front of this shirt reads "War Is Peace" and on the back, "Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance Is Strength." The shirts themselves are printed on American Apparel's Sustainable Edition, and each color is freshly made using combinations of sea kelp, tree saps, oils, vegetable dyestuffs and organic pigments. According to the website, Drapeta believes "that the primary purpose of a business should be to better the world, not to profit at expense of the world. We exercise socially and environmentally responsible business practices and give ten percent of our profit to non-profit organizations." Additionally, "in the spirit of individuality and artistic integrity," Drapeta doesn't advertise and produces shirts in limited runs. You can buy them in NYC at Prohibit and directly from Drapeta's website. ::Drapeta.