Dopie Sandals are...


Not sure about these... They are environmentally correct--made of recycled EVA and foam rubber by Terra Plana, one of treehugger's favourite ecological shoe makers. Minimalist in design, they are a combination of those indian sandals that used to kill your toes and some kind of teenage mutant ninja turtle. They are made of a single shape sole to protect the foot that folds up between the toes to provide control. You keep them on by clutching the toe part, but the strap is handy if you can't quite master the grab (and it's detachable for when you have). They are quite light, flexible and waterproof. Not half as ugly as last year's fad, those Crocs, which are regrettably still being flogged all over cottage country (and are remarkably indestructible) but they may not be quite so handy for gardening. Perhaps skateboarding, or just looking very cool as you stroll to the nearest cafe. :: Terra Plana Via :: psfk

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