DIY: T-shirt Surgery


Image: flickr

Do you have have tonnes of old baggy t-shirts crowding out your wardrobe and not sure what to do with them? Chopping them up and reconstructing them into funky, sexy and hip clothing is hot right now. Often called t-shirt mashups, t-shirt surgery, or t-shirt refashioning, whatever its called we love it. TreeHugger has previously discussed SuperNaturale's t-shirts to underwear and looked at t-shirts to bags and of course the t-shirt to swimsuit, what else can you do with a t-shirt and how and where do you find out?


Image: Oh my stars (where you can find other tutorials and images)


Image: Skirt constructed from t-shirt at Lekkner

Some resources to get you started:

1. tutorials and patterns at ::Oh my stars and ::livejournal and ::what the craft and ::instructables t-shirt mashup
2. ::gurl guides generation-t and the generation-t website.
3. ::nifty laptop sleeve and ::SuperNaturale t-shirt underwear
4. ::Lekkner for the gallery of t-shirt surgery
5. (This is part 2 of the refashion your wardrobe series - see the first article here)

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