DIY Hard Drive Belt Buckle

We like do-it-yourself projects that have a certain Macguyver quality to them; there's something about taking common but seemingly unrelated materials and producing something cool and useful. Tipster Arthur sent us this example [Flickr photoset]; it set him back less than an hour and just a handful of materials: one paper clip, three small screws, one hacksaw, a small sheet of basswood to use as a guide, some channel locks and an old hard drive platter. While we're aware that everyone may not have an extra hard drive sitting around, using up old hard drives isn't really the point (though not an alltogeter bad way to reuse one). It's a surprising result from uncommonly simple materials; a clever reuse of materials that would otherwise be discarded, and we like the ingenuity. So take Arthur's idea and run with it; you might just surprise yourself and get a cool new belt out of the deal. ::DIY Hard Drive Belt Buckle