On DesignBoom: A wooden bow-tie. Hot or not?

wooden bowtie
© Vinyluse via Designboom

Repurposing is high on the list of Rs that we like, the recycling of old materials and things into new products and ideas. DesignBoom shows the work of Italian designers Vinyluse, who have taken " abandoned floors, disused chairs, and furniture as each bow tie's medium, the waste is transformed into a valuable item through carpentry craft."

As one who cannot tie a bowtie, I am intrigued by a design like this that solves the problem. However I have never understood the purpose of a necktie or a bowtie either, other than non-functional elements where we strangle ourselves for fashion. What do you think, are these hot or not? (More photos in DesignBoom)

On DesignBoom: A wooden bow-tie. Hot or not?
We love recycling and repurposing, but are not sure about this one. What do you think?