Deploy Workshop Offers Modular Clothing

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Image source: Deploy Workshop

While the materials may not be organic, Deploy Workshop has attempted to create outfits that you can mix and match and reuse over and over, regardless of season. With strategically designed snaps, "a dress becomes a skirt, or a blouse becomes a dress." Consider it recycling fashion.One school of thought for sustainable clothing is to purchase pieces that you can wear, no matter what you are doing. For example, a plain black v-neck tshirt can be worn in the office, to the gym, or even for pajamas. Clearly, life is too short to only wear plain, black v-neck tshirts, but the idea is that for fashion to be sustainable, you have to choose pieces that don't go out of style from one season to the next.

Looking at fashion this way, Deploy Workshop is attempting to make demi-couture outfits that in fact don't go out of style, they just get retooled until they fit what you are in the mood for. We call this a 'Treehugger Almost.' Style ideas come from founder Bernice Pan, who earned her PhD in fashion system customization and is a trained architect from Cambridge University and the Royal College of Art.

Deploy Workshop can be found online or in their London store.

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