Del Forte Denim: Organic, Repurposed, and "Magical"

You've heard some variation of it: the best way to make a difference is to do what you're best at, and use it to change the corner of the world you know. Fantasy? Illusion? Not if we're talking about Tierra Del Forte. After six years of work in conventional denim, she knows women's bodies, and she knows construction. "I'm a designer," she says. "That's where my skill set lies. It's amazing to use it in a way that's good." When the good that she's talking about is a commitment to domestic, earth friendly production, it means a bunch of smokin', guilt-free booties on the loose. While supplies last!

Until I picked up my first pair at gominyc in May, I had never uttered phrases like "I love my jeans," "My jeans make me happy," and "My jeans are magical." gomi's Anne Hettinger refers to Tierra as a jeans "engineer" and it fits. (She also advises to go a size smaller than you think you should -- I did and am, well, happily in love with my magical jeans.) Whether it's models at the Catwalk on the Wild Side, or EcoPetal, or friends wandering muggy summer streets, everyone looks amazing in Tierra's creations.

Ask her to dish on how she does it, and the petite creatrix winks, "trade secret." However, she will offer, "Women are curvy. The cut visually mimics what a woman's body looks like, makes it more flattering."

But what exactly are her eco credentials, you ask?

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