"ClimateWear Daytime Helmet" Protects from Pesky Environmental Disasters

Eric Corey Freed© Eric Corey Freed / A+D Museum
. The ClimateWear Daytime Helmet.

A helmet that protects the wearer from environmental disasters?

This is just one unique example of "wearable art" by top designers and notable figures from across the fashion, architecture, and culinary worlds--think everyone from Trina Turk to Wolfgang Puck--up for auction for the Los Angeles-based Architecture and Design Museum's annual fundraiser on March 10.

Don't live in Los Angeles, don't worry: You can also bid online.

The non-profit museum will feature a salon-style runway event and a live auction to showcase the original work of participating designers whose pieces will push boundaries of what is considered fashion. Here's a sneak peek of the in-process fashion items:

A Helmet for Modern Day Environmental Problems

    • Architect Eric Corey Freed of Organic Architect will display the ClimateWear Daytime Helmet, made with salvaged bits of recycled plastic from household toiletries, recycled scraps of reinforced felt.

  • The helmet addresses the dangers of the environment. Freed describes it as thus:

    This daytime helmet will protect your eyes and scalp from the harmful ultraviolet rays piercing our atmosphere.  The always-on 6G connectivity delivers real time weather updates so you’re not caught in a flash flood or sudden hurricane.  Augmented reality lenses highlight potential H1N1 health risks from passersby, as well as projecting the shortest route to high, dry ground.

    Wearable Art, With No Limits on Designs or Materials

    Iris Anna Regn© Iris Anna Regn / A+D Museum
    . The Family Shirt by designers Iris Anna Regn Juliette Bellocq.

    "The concept of the Wearables is to explore the commonalities between structure, form and the body with no limits to design or materials," according to the press release. The show will feature clothing, jewelry, shoes, hats, and more on display on live models. Each piece will be auctioned at the event and simultaneously online, where a few pieces are already available.

    Gelila Couture© John Baldessari for Gelila Couture/ A+D Museum
    . John Baldessari for Gelila Couture.

    Karim Rashid © Karim Rashid / A+D Museum
    . A fashion design sketch signed by Karim Rashid.

    "We cannot wait to see what our design leaders and creative thinkers from around the world bring to this," stated Museum Executive Director Tibbie Dunbar in the press release. "We are so fortunate to have the kind of participation that will help us continue to offer the region high-quality exhibitions and events that explore and celebrate how design touches our daily lives."

    Big Names Also Include Marmol Radziner and Richard Meier

    Marmol Radziner Jewelry© Marmol Radziner Jewelry / A+D Museum
    . Solid bronze rings and bracelets made with industrial remnants by Marmol Radziner Jewelry.

    • Marmol Radziner Jewelry transforms industrial remnants into striking, bold accessories with a trio of solid bronze rings and bracelets ($600).

    "Each piece is handmade by master craftsmen in our workshop and designed to be as individual as the person who wears it," according to the item description. "The patina of every piece evolves over time in response to the wearer and no two finishes ever start or stay the same."

    • Richard Meier gives a creative spin to the standard blazer. He created a special collage that was printed onto the lining fabric of a limited-edition, signed linen jacket ($3,000).

    A previous version of this article stated that April Greiman and Greg Lynn were participants in the event; they are not.

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    Richard Meier jacket© Richard Meier / A+D Museum
    . A limited-edition, signed linen jacket by Richard Meier.

  • "ClimateWear Daytime Helmet" Protects from Pesky Environmental Disasters
    The helmet is one of several pieces of "wearable art" up for auction at the A+D Museum's annual fundraiser, which brings together top names in fashion, architecture, and food.

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