Crespi 1797: Organic Italian Linen


In summertime, linen is to Italian clothing as pasta is to Italian food - fundamental. This quickly makes sense in the intense heat of the Mezzogiorno – where the practical (brilliant wicking) nature of the fabric is nearly as valuable as its drape, form and style. Thanks to the Italian textile manufacturer Crespi 1797 Italians (and other flax fans) will be able to flaunt beautiful organic linen at the beach. The newly certified fabric will be made from organic fiber and will use heavy-metal free dyes. Establishing Italy’s first certified-organic flax line is not a surprising move for a company that also specializes in crafting hemp and bamboo fibers. Their mission goes beyond environmental sustainability to include economic sustainability for Italy – where they hope to establish the Bel Paese as a leader in the production and design of organic clothing.::Italy Magazine

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