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When doing some fact checking for the post regarding Rohner's lycra-free yet stretchy upholstery fabric we happened upon Cottonique. Here's another company that also eschews the use of either synthetic elastomeric, (or even natural latex) fibres or trims.

To keep their line of cotton apparel chemical free Cottonique even avoid walk away from the use of bleaching, dyeing, optical whitening, fabric softners, shrinkage control resins and such forth.Cottonique produce a collection of mostly undergarments for Men, Women, Kids and and Toddlers, from Ts to Bras, Camis to Long Johns.

We had to dig deep into their site to discover what sort of cotton they used, because mostly they just referred to it with the generic "natural 100% cotton", but did eventually unearth this statement:

Cottonique uses organic cotton sourced from pesticide-free farms. The cotton is then subjected through an entirely chemical free fabric production process and then sewn into garments in a contamination free manufacturing facility.

As their garments are basically free of syntehtic chemicals they are well suited to suffers of dermatitis, eczema, and other skin irritations.

Apparently Cottonique do employ a form of elastic, but it one made of an undisclosed latex-free and spandex-free material! It might be this mystery material that they'll use when they launch a line of socks in May 2009. ::Cottonique via a web search.

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