Couture Recycle Runway Collection by Nancy Judd (Slideshow)

recycled bikini photo

Image credit: Sandrine Hahn

Michelle Obama could wear one of these green gowns to the Inaugural Ball or she can really make a statement wearing one of Nancy Judd’s dresses from the Recycle Runway Collection.

Judd, a Santa Fe-based artist, has spent the last seven years transforming trash into treasure by hand sewing elegant garments from garbage. Her work has exhibited in airports across the US and will also appear at the The Green Inaugural Ball taking place in D.C. tomorrow (Jan. 17). If you can’t check out her wacky yet utterly inspiring work in person, take a peek at our Couture Recycle Runway Collection slideshow to see a cocktail dress made out of Obama campaign yard signs, a bikini made out of plastic detergent bottles and more!

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