Cord-o-clip Reinvents the Clothesline


We go on about clotheslines and about how great they are for the environment. The technology of them is pretty basic and one wouldn't think there would be much room for improvement, but in fact one loses clothes-pins, and it can be a lot of work putting out the clothes. Now a Canadian inventor has reinvented the clothesline with a system that makes loading a clothesline 60% faster and removing the clothes 90% faster, and you never lose a clothespin again. We saw it in action at the Cottage Life Show and were impressed, that such a basic thing as a clothesline could be improved so much.


The business end has two reels instead of the usual one; the clothespins go round the inner one and the wire round the outer. One just pushes the clothing into the gap and the pins pick it up automatically. Fast and easy, there is now one less excuse for not hanging up the laundry. Cheezy retro website, but impressive product at ::Cordoclip

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