Cool Patches for Moth Holes

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Pulling out those winter sweaters and finding moth holes? Right in the front, where they can't be missed?

We know the problem: too well. But here are two solutions -- shabby moth-eaten clothes have never looked so chic.

Cool Patches for Moth Holesjenniemaizels/Promo image

The most sustainable solution is to cover over the hole with a beautiful little patch. Graphic designer Jennie Maizels created Clothes Plasters when she discovered that her sweaters had been eaten. "I decided to make a virtue out of the holes and create a bespoke item" she says.

The new London range, brought out just in time for Olympic hysteria, oops Games, include a royal crown and Big Ben.

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If you aren't too squeamish, the moth patches from Twisted Twee come in shades of grey and are based on real moths.

But it's easiest to try and prevent the moths from attacking in the first place: Always wash clothes before you put them away. Store them in plastic boxes or cedar. Some people swear that adding lavender keeps the little critters away, others say cedar balls, chestnuts or sage. Stay away from those smelly mothballs of old; they are filled with chemicals.

cool patches for moth holestwistedtwee/Promo image

And then there are those stains that seem to appear out of nowhere. These pointing finger patches make a feature out of them by highlighting the embarrassing spots. Only for the brave...

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