Come On Into Coco's Shoppe - A New Online Fashion + Beauty Store.


Welcome to Coco’s Shoppe, a name that conjures up sweet and pretty things in our imagination. On entering this new online ethical fashion store we discover we’re right. We’re not sure exactly who Coco is, but we sure do like her taste! Coco’s Shoppe has recently been launched and with its rich graphics of deep magenta and chocolate brown we are sure this is going to appeal to all the stylish girlie girls out there. They are stocking some of TreeHugger’s favourite brands such as Loomstate, Deborah Lindquist, Stewart + Brown and Undesigned, as well as some labels we don’t know. Burning Torch’s dresses using recycled scarves look particularly gorgeous. We also like the clever ‘Build an Ensemble’ section where they suggest other accessories and make up to go with your chosen item. The beauty products look delicious and, as with the fashion, we like the little eco-facts that appear alongside the info about each product. However, it would be nice to know more about the individual brands, where they come from and why they were chosen. The stock is obviously selected with great care and a great eye for pretty details, which makes for an individual boutique style store. Thanks to Sarah Rich for the tip. ::Coco’s Shoppe