Colorful New Year's Resolution Bracelets Help Clear Bomb-Littered Land in Laos

Adding to their creative ways of turning Vietnam War scrap metal into accessories, Article 22 releases a colorful Peacebomb Resolution Wrap Bracelet just in time for New Year's. Made with a hand cast bomb metal tag and finished with vintage silk string from France, each bracelet--available for $16 on clear a meter of bomb-littered land.

resolution peace bomb bracelet © Article 22

Called the Resolution bracelets, they're meant to act as a daily reminder of your New Year's resolution all year long. Each bracelet comes with a Resolution Card that asks: "What's your resolution? Write it. Wear it." Available in four great hues, saffron, olive, turquoise, and pea, these bracelets look great solo and even better worn together. They're affordable and are even more wearable than the Peacebomb bangle.

peace bomb resolution bracelet© Article 22

peace bomb resolution bracelet© Article 22

Unlike other Peacebomb accessories, which are made by Lao artisans, the Resolution Wrap bracelets are currently assembled in New York, but not for long. In early 2012, the Article 22 team will head to Laos, where they will train their artisan partners to make this style accessory.

peace bomb resolution bracelet© Article 22

In partnership with The RISE Project (Rural Income through Sustainable Energy) of Swiss NGO Helvetas, Article 22 has great plans for 2012. In the new year, they will work with Lao villagers to invest in electric drills, which will expand production capabilities and increase earning potential.

And as for Article 22 founder Elizabeth Suda's resolution? She tells TreeHugger: "It is to continue to co-create meaningful, design-forward product with our artisan and RISE Project partners and raise funds to clear more bombs."

What's your resolution? Tell us in the comment section, below.

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