Coclico’s gorgeous shoes come with carbon offsets

Coclico shoes
© Coclico

The sleek, sculptural forms of Coclico shoes speak to a certain timelessness, so it’s not surprising that the company is dedicated to a slow fashion approach to footwear. The shoes are made in a family-owned and operated factory in Mallorca, Spain from natural materials like wood, cork and leather.

“Since we have been cultivating a slow fashion approach to what we do, it feels like the clean lines and the pure materials (solid wood and cork) are integral to that aesthetic,” Lisa Nading, the designer of Coclico, told TreeHugger. “Often we are eliminating details rather than adding them because that is just what feels right. For example, we do a lot of hidden stitching because the stitch can be a distraction. Though it may appear to be simple, it is actually a complex process.”

Coclico shoes© Coclico

Nading said she is very conscious of extending the life of the shoes, by picking materials that wear well over time. The company maintains high sourcing standards, and seeks out suppliers with third-party sustainability certifications.

Coclico shoes© Coclico

Coclico also partners with Native Energy to track their in-house carbon use, and buys offsets that invest in clean energy projects like wind farms and methane digesters.

Coclico shoes© Coclico

Nature itself is an inspiration for the most recent collection. “I was looking at some beautiful/ominous photos of storms on the ocean,” said Nading. “There was one series in particular that showed this dark, churning water in blacks, deep blues, greens, and coal but then the clouded grey sky was pierced by sunlight. It takes you to that place. It’s powerful.”

“So the sea became the muse and the palette for this collection.”

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