CO2 Dry-cleaning v. Organic: War of Green Words (Video)

Last week we spotted Green Apple Cleaners in Gossip Girl's Second Iife sim, now in this local New York City news segment,Green Apple Cleaners CEO David Kistner takes a stand on standards for eco-friendly cleaning for our clothes: any method using perc (percoethylene) can hardly have earned the label of "green" let alone "organic."Green Apple Cleaners invested about $150,000 in the custom-green-colored Solvair dry-cleaning machine that is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional dry-cleaning methods as it that a biodegradeable cleaning liquid and a no-heat drying process. This combination increases energy efficiency and creates no harmful emissions. Plus, regulations regarding other dry-cleaning chemicals and emissions are becoming more stringent. The Solvair machine eliminates that concern altogether because it produces no hazardous waste.

via Susty | EcoWonk | NBC New York

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