Clothing Made of Wine (& Beer). Marketers Dream


We've had thermoformed biopolymer bikinis before, but now for something completely different. Apparel that grows it self. Well, actually bacteria in fermenting wine do all the heavy lifting. They convert the wine into a vinegar-like scum layer. The layers of this admittedly slimy cellulose are then laid over one another, on an inflatable mannequin. Once the garment has the desired shape the dummy is deflated, while the clothing remains. However when the ensemble dries the very short fibres become like tissue paper, tearing easily. So the garments currently need to be keep wet. The Bioalloy team at University of Western Australia are hoping to partner up with an organic chemist to find a way to polymerise their Micro'Be cellulose fibres and produce longer, more stable, fibres. They hope one day to ferment a seamless dress. Oh, we almost forgot to mention — they've also made a clear panel in one prototype by fermenting beer. Apparently any alcohol can be coerced to "slip into something more comfortable." ::Micro'Be, via News in Science.

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