Clay-Dyed Hemp (and More) from Sahalie


The hues of maize, moss, salmon and ash found in these hemp/organic cotton T'shirts are achieved, according to Sahalie, without chemical or artificial dyes. Instead an ancient Native American art method is employed to obtain the colours, which also includes the granite, lilac, mud, henna and charcoal used throughout the line of women's long sleeve T's, shorts, shifts, tank top, pants (and the cowl neck sweaters also seen here). Apparently some colour variation may occur due to differences in soil composition. We've previously noted Sahalie for their recycled cotton, organic wool and even gyroscopically powered bike pedals! But a dig into their other environmental endeavours turns up a few more curios too.Reading more about these initiatives here and here, we learn hey offer a broad line of organic cotton apparel, that over a three year period has kept "an estimated 120,000 pounds of dangerous chemicals and pesticides out of the soil, air and water." Sahalie also donate 5% of pre-tax profits to social and environmental programs, train staff in the Natural Step ("a science-based tool for evaluating social and environmental issues facing the world."), compost food scraps as fertiliser for the corporate organic garden, as well as removing invasive weeds from the wetland that borders their headquarters. And a staff member has their costs covered each year, to participate in an EarthWatch conservation expedition. ::Sahalie.

[PS: a tidbit for outdoor buffs. Sahalie began life as Early Winters, makers of the legendary Omnipotent, and the first company to use Gore-Tex commercially - in the equally renown Light Dimension tent.]