Classics: Freitag Recycled Freeway Bags


Swissies Markus, Daniel Freitag designed these in '93. Trucks in Europe don't have solid walls. Instead they stretch tarps across the openings. I suppose so that they can easily unload from the sides and to save on weight. Anyhoo...these bags are made from those tarps after they are no longer useful. Also made with recycled bike tubes (for the piping) and recycled seatbelts. Every bag is unique. Very durable, easily repairable. Waterproof. Some are expandable. You can even build your own bag online! You choose what your bag will look like by placing a pattern over a unique tarp (virtually). Their facility in Tunisia employs handicapped people. Luckily these are recycled because vinyl=baaaaaad. $155 at ::HiveModern ::Freitag