Change the World And Win $10,000 with Nau's Grant For Change


We've long been a fan of the verve and social conscience shown by eco-apparel company, Nau. (see our archive of previous posts below) But they're not content with just making stylish, well crafted, functional, outdoor clothing from responsible materials and donating 2% of sales to not-for-profits selected by customers. Now they want to give away $10,000 USD.

However Nau and its customers will be a discriminating with regard to whom will be the the recipient of this largess. The Grant for Change, as it known, is to support those who instigate lasting, positive change in their communities.The focus, for this the inaugural year, will be on addressing the following criteria:
Athletes who are challenging assumptions about what it means to move through the world. Or Artists, designers or other creatives who are moved to design better solutions to the world's greatest problems. Or Activists who are seeding positive change in their communities, and moving others to do the same.

The Grant for Change, (somewhat like the aformentioned 2% of donated sales to Nau's five Partners for Change), will be driven by Nau customers and admirers. You do the nominating, and you do the voting, based on what you learn about the various nominees. You have until 17 August 09 to make a nomination and until 31 August 09 to vote. But don't dilly dally as Grant for Change has only been open a day or two and it already has 25 nominations.

Not that this worries Nau. In fact, they welcome it. A key aspect of the Grant process is to provide a forum for people doing good to share their stories. For as Nau view it: "Positive change is at the core of who we are and what we do. It influences the design of our product, our model for business, and how we interact with each other and the world."

Not only will the winner of Grant for Change score the $10,000 to help further their inspiring work, but Nau will support the grantee's efforts for one year by hosting content and providing progress to readers on

::Nau's Grant For Change, via tipsters Kori K. and Josie N.

Image: Nau
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