Catwalk Heat: Junky Styling

It's London Fashion Week and treehugger is hitting the catwalk--in the interests of research of course. Off to the hip, grimy east end and a queue of hundreds waiting to get into the Junky Styling show. Located in an old warehouse turned bar, with the electronica music throbbing, it was the hottest, raunchiest fashion of the night.

Junky Styling is known for its edgy recycled clothes, mainly made out of old men's suits bought from second hand stores. The designers love using pinstripe and tweed and making these masculine fabrics into fabulous evening wear. There is no combination or re-creation that they haven't thought of. They can transform anything into a sexy dress or skirt for that wild party that you are yearning to stand out at. One dress (pictured) was made out of the cuffs of men's jackets layered into a tube with shoestring straps and complete with the gold buttons. Another was a red long dress, with black zippers covering the bodice and flowing on top of a red skirt. Yet another was made from green army jackets, with a red collar.


This strapless dress was made of men's ties and tartan, sewn together, into a long gown with a swishy skirt.


Another was made of the lapels of men's suit jackets, layered one upon another and revealing quite alot.


They also have a shop in the east end, off famous Brick Lane, with some more conventional styles as well as a service that will give customers the chance to bring in out of date clothes to be re-worked into something very cool. :: Junky Styling Via :: London Fashion Week

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