CanvasPop remakes waste canvas into artsy wallets

canvaspop wallets for charity: water
© Remade by CanvasPop

Imagine a way a business could reduce manufacturing waste by 70%, while also introducing a new product to the market with limited additional overhead. That would be a dream for most businesses and photography art print manufacturer, CanvasPop, has not only done just that, they are also donating all of this additional revenue to charity.

Today, CanvasPop announced a new project called Remade that converts pieces of waste canvas into artsy wallets to raise money for charity. All proceeds of the wallet sales are donated to Charity: Water, which is a TreeHugger favorite for their work in bringing fresh drinking water to people all around the world.

Here's a video explaining the inspiration of the project:

Remade by CanvasPop from CanvasPop on Vimeo.

According to Alyssa Hanson at CanvasPop, the wallets are even being manufactured by an organization that provides employment to immigrant and low income women, so every aspect of this product is socially conscious.

And to encourage sales (and thus encourage donations to Charity: Water, as well as photo print orders), each Remade wallet will include a $30 CanvasPop gift voucher, which will be printed on plantable paper from Botanical Paperworks that will grow into wildflowers when planted. The wallets will sell for $19.99 to $24.99. Visit Remade for more info.

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